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20 octobre 2017

Vendredi 20 octobre 2017 - bal country au Madison de Lormont

Bal COUNTRY CD au Madison Lormont (33) -

Un excellent plancher, beaucoup de place pour danser (salle de 300m2), des softs à volonté 
Entrée 7€ 

Playlist spécial révision (cliquer sur le nom en gras pour voir la fiche) :

The galway gathering
Tennessee Waltz surprised
happy happy happy
Stop staring at my eyes / Boobs
Lay low
Splish splash
I run to you
Hawahan girl (partner)

Paris Tennessee
Golden wedding ring
Once bitten twice shy
White rose
Greater than me
3 days road
Bring down the house
Lips so close / Lips are so close (partner)

Come to dance (contra)
The harvester
another country
Homegrown / Homegrown honky tonk (partner)
Stay all night
Ouzo and black
Good thing
Baby I'm right for 2 (partner)




Start the car
Hit the diff
Gypsy queen
Just a girl
Tripple cross (partner)

Go shanty 
The belle of Liverpool
Locklin's bar
Irish knit
Patsy Fagan / Irish stew for 2 (partner)
Fly high
Chasing down a good time
Sangria / Sweet sangria (partner)

Big blue tree
Home to Louisiana
Skip the line
Wave on wave
Castle on the hill
Islands in the stream
Country walking (partner)

Sofia / Sofia to Marc
All over again / Think of me
Calypso Mexico
Red hot salsa
El camino (partner)

My dog has puppies
Cabo San Lucas
Come on down
Wagon wheel rock / Lost in me
The boat to Liverpool
Back again
Billy's dance (partner)




Indians sound
Good time girl

Dime store cowgirl
The bomp / The bomp for 2 (partner)
Corn don't grow
doctor doctor
Dream lover (partner)

Camp one
American kids
Lucky you
Pavement ends
The world
Lord help me
Amber / Sweet delights (partner)

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BACK AGAIN - Robbie McGowan Hickie

Back again ( Tornero Dance )


Back again (Tornero Teach )




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PETER PAN - Silvia Denise Staiti and Steve Betweenchickens Frapolli

Line Dance Peter Pan, Choreo: Silvia Denise Staiti & Steve Frapolli


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THREE TEACHERS - Araceli Capitán, David Villellas and Montse

Three Teachers


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2 MORE BOTTLES - Severine Fillion & Valérie Del Campo

2 MORE BOTTLES - Séverine Fillion & TexasVal Festival de Craponne 2017





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17 octobre 2017


Splish Splash - Linedance


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14 octobre 2017

Samedi 14 octobre - bal country à Saint Laurent de Médoc




 Playlist Dara spécial révisions :

wagon wheel rock / little wagon wheel / lost in me
Tush push
last living cowboy
Tag on
Better times
Rhyme or reason / It happen
Open heart cowboy
easy come easy go
corn don't grow
summer fly
an absolute dream / land of dreams
good time girl
twit and shake
knee deep

Belle of Liverpool
wayfaring stranger
my dear Juliet
western barn dance
american kids
forever little / love story
the world
just a girl
where I belong
home to Louisiana
wild stallion
go cat go
homegrown / Homegrown honky tonk




Playlist CD spécial révisions :

Can't go wrong
The harvester
Come on down
Baby I'm right for 2 (partner)
Stop staring at my eyes
Big city summertime
Paris Tennessee
Greater than me
Mustangs (partner)


Danses workshop


Chasing down a good time
happy happy happy
Patsy Fagan
The guest ranch
Me and you (partner)
Come to dance (contra)
Clickety clack
Golden wedding ring
50 ways
Travelling Gypsy (partner)


Danses worshop


Good thing
Another country
Strong bounds
Galway girl
Boots and Paul
Sangria / sweet sangria (partner)
Mr Policeman
Hit the diff
All about a woman / all about a woman for 2 (partner)
Will to try
Chill factor
Dream walking (partner)


Danse worshop


AB ticket
Nobody cha
A woman's rant
Gerry's reel
14 reasons
El camino (partner)
A country high
Thinking country
Until the dawn
Billy's dance (partner)


Danse worshop


Get down the fiddle
Indian sound
South Australia
On air
You must be joking (partner)
Hey girl
Moonshine in the trunk
Come dance with me
Steak and grill
We onlu live once
Wild night in Mexico (partner)


Danse workshop


Cabo San Lucas
Camp one
Lay low
Ballymore boys
five minutes (partner)
Island in the stream
Pavement ends
Bullfrog on a log
Shot of glory
Imelda's way
Colorado girl (partner)




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LOVE STORY - Phyllis Manier

Love story Les Talons Sauvages Versailles


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KNEE DEEP - Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs

KNEE DEEP ( Line Dance )


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