Du vendredi 08 Décembre 20h -  au samedi 09 Décembre 8h : l'association  " SCAPA" et le comité des fêtes de Castelnau organisent un Marathon de danse Country, non Country, Catalane,  Celtique ........  Pendant 12 heures.

Les démonstrations et  initiations sont les bienvenues.

Soupe à l'oignon à 4h du mat. Petit déjeuner offert le matin à 8h. Tous les dons iront au profit du TELETHON.



 Playlist spécial révision :

vers 20 h :

Hoocked on country
can't go wrong
whiskey gone
south Australia
the bomp / the bomp for 2 (partner)
baby I'm right for 2 (P)
the galway gathering
dime store cowgirl
the island
dancin violins
the stockman
tell the world / dream lover (p)
dream walkin (p)
upside down


Il est environ 21 h :

your side of town
irish knit
gypsy queen
hawahan girl (p)
doin me wrong
midnight train
bring down the house / bring down the house for 2 (p)
patsy fagan
broken bridge
sofia to marc / sofia
dirty boots (p)
2 more bottles
clear Isabel


il est environ 22 h

chasing down a good time / chasing down a good time for 2 (p)
nancy mulligan
will to try
50 ways
heartbreak express / me and you (p)
rockin with the rythme
countryfied soul
irish stew / irish stew for 2 (p)
castle on a hill
triple cross (p)
feels like rock'n roll
stay all night
making me crazy / makin boys crazy (p)


Il est environ 23 h

raggle taggle gypsy o
on air
fanny st barth
east hill twist (p)
stop staring at my eyes
once bitten twice shy
twist and turn
meg's dream
three teachers
my way
honky tonk junkie (p)
paris tennessee


Il est environ minuit

happy happy happy
big city summertime
gerry's reel
my old boots
wan't back away
just like redneck (p)
get down the fiddle
nobody cha
I run to you
pot of gold / stealing the best for 2 (p)
sweet home
stitches / my stitches (I)
funny strangers (p)
come to dance (contra)
top of the world / top of the world for 2 (p)
strong bounds
celtic na la
peter pan
way way back


Il est environ 1 heure du mat :


travelling gypsy (p)
thinking country
homegrown / homegrown honky tonk (p)
Hey o
the flute
boots and paul (contra)
Temptation cha (p)
my dog has puppies
imeda's way
hillybilly wins the lotto 
get reel
she knows
skip the line
el camino (p)
indian sound
golden wedding ring
Mr policeman


Il est environ 2 h du mat :

forever little
sangria / sweet sangria (p)
goin hamm
mustang (p)
another country
the harvester
sugar and pai
second hand earth
lips so close / lips are so close (p)
twist and shake
my everything


Il est environ 3 h du mat


clickety clack
celtic kittens
es per tu
big blue tree
wild night in Mexico (p)
come dance with me
wave on wave / wave on wave for 2 (p)
where we've been / where we've been together (p)
locklin' bar
drinks on me
the story of my life
you must be jocking (p)
little wagon wheel / wagon wheel rock / lost in me / woman (p)
white rose
knee deep


Il est environ 4 h du mat

ballymore boys
14 reasons
man out on the road (p)
go cat go / cool chick
pavement ends
mary mary
the boat to Liverpool
mamma Maria
dream lover (p)
start the car
american kids
skiffle time
galway girls


Il est environ 5 h du mat


anywhere with you
peligrossa / sweet delights (p)
billy's dance (p)
bulfrog on a log
hit the diff
splish splash
town of hope and memories
shot of glory
fly high
bandera (p)
baby belle
last living cowboy
the gambler
darlin (p)
Country walking


il est environ 6 h du mat


good thing
3 day road
the final test

... la suite au fur et à mesure... ;)